My favorite Kdrama of all time--Faith Before reading this you may want to read my first post on Kdramas.

Warning--Spoilers included. Continue at your own risk.

Here is the synopsis from for Faith--

A modern-day surgeon is kidnapped and taken back 700 years to the Goryeo Dynasty in Korean history. General Choi Young, a warrior, abducts Dr. Eun Soo and returns to his time period so that the doctor can save the injured Princess No Guk. Can Dr. Eun Soo do what is being asked of her and return to her own time period? Or will she have faith in her heart and stay in the past to help the king become a better ruler who cares for and heals his people, and the courage to love the stoic admiral?

Honestly before Faith I wasn't a big Lee Min Ho fan. I made the silly mistake of confusing the actor with the TKJ roles he tended to play, but his portrayal of Choi Young completely, and utterly, changed me. If I had to choose my favorite romantic hero of film or books I would choose him. His combination of honor, intelligence, bravery, and the twinkle in his eyes, melted my heart. To me the mark of a great actor is not emotional pyrotechnics, but what he can express with his face alone. It constantly amazes me how much Lee Min Ho  can express with the tiniest flicker of emotion in his eyes.

Okay enough fangirling and on to the review. I'm going to give just a summary opinion since there are many more sites that will give a play-by-play per episode review if that's what you want. Obviously since this is my favorite Kdrama of all time, I won't have many complaints. One of my few complaints with Faith is that in the beginning of the show our hero is apathetic, and it can be hard to get into a story where the hero has so little care for anything, but it doesn't stay that way for long. The other complaint for some, is that the heroine is mildly irritating at first, but if you put yourself in  her shoes it's completely understandable. This show becomes more addictive with each episode and the fact that it's loosely based on history, gives it a poignancy that a strictly fiction story may not.

There are two romances that develop in Faith and both grow in a believable way over time, and I love the fact that both couples work as partners with faith and trust in each other. This is not always common in Kdramas. The action is well balanced with heartfelt dialogue, and dramatic scenes, with a little humor here and there to lighten things up. You will love the friendships that develop, and you will adore the Wool Dal Chi warriors. The intrigue and sense of danger was weaved through out the story and rarely lets up. While some maybe unhappy that they didn't kiss at the end (I would've liked one too), considering that the general was a fairly stoic person, I thought it fit with his character. My only complaint at the end was the hero failing to win against the evil guy. We didn't get that satisfying feeling to watch him be killed by our hero, and after all the evil and harm that character did, his ending felt rather anti-climatic. This is a story that never leaves you. To this day I haven't found another drama I can like half as well.


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